Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dead Saddam

Okay, I personally don't care if the guy's dead or not.
Sure, he was a tyrant who sent hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to their deaths, but he certainly was no threat to America, and he wasn't the only tyrant in the Middle East who probably needed killing.
Besides, he seemed to personify the Iraqi character: violent, dogmatic and without regard for human life. When he was their dictator, we heard nothing about civil war or other incessant Iraqi turmoil. He kept that Hellhole contained, for what it's worth.
Please note that George W. Bush, who set this whole thing into motion, has been curiously absent from the "Saddam is Dead" fray. He simply issued a terse, written statement about the execution, obviously trying to distance himself from the final outcome.
Yep, Bush once said of Saddam, "He tried to kill my Dad."
And now he's dead. Mission accomplished.
So...if the world is getting hot on executing leaders whose decisions and orders result in the death of his or her countrymen, what about a leader who attacks other nations unprovoked and causes the death of thousands of military troops and tens of thousands of innocent civilians?
Should Bush be tried for war crimes and executed?
Nah. That would be Barbaric.
Should Bush and his war cabinet be tried, and if convicted of war crimes, be put into prison for life?
That would suit me fine.
Criminals are criminals, and regardless of their national origin or political clout, if we tolerate their intolerance and support their dictatorial policies, we are no different from the bloody mongrels in the Middle East who simply do not value human life.
Bush is not quite as Barbaric as Saddam, but he sanctions torture and the wholesale slaughter of human beings as casually as he did when he was caught driving drunk those times.
Saddam, Bush, Cheney, bin Laden, the Saudi Princes--what a bunch of pricks.


BigSis said...

Saddam was evil, no loss there. At his worst though he wasn't as bad as some of the devils that are slaughtering and torturing innocent people all over Africa.

I agree that the U.S. doesn't have clean hands. We should be ashamed that we've tolerated the b.s. spoon fed to us by that lunatic Bush. Bush may not have ordered the torture/murder of Katrina refugees, but his heartless disregard for the care abd safey of U.S. citizens was almost as bad.

I hope and pray that in 2007 the U.S. will wake up and smell the bulls--t. If we can elect a President who actually knows what "human rights" means, maybe we have a chance.

BigSis said...

p.s. to Saddam

adios mofo

Lulu Maude said...

Dubya and Saddam have more in common than we might like to admit. We just have the Constition to rein him in (somewhat)...

Dubya seems to want to take a few pages from the dead guy's play book.

Karen Zipdrive said...

You know, I've had this feeling inside about the hanging of Saddam I couldn't identify until now.
See, I could have really gotten behind the hanging of Osama bin Laden, because he masterminded the 9/11 attacks, and he deserves to die from an AMERICAN perspective.
But Saddam was just another Middle Eastern prick who used to be an ally, back when our government hated Iran more than Iraq.
Back in the early 90's, Operation Desert Storm was just a case of Saudi and Kuwaiti billionaires calling on their errand boy Bush 41 to misuse our troops to go in and kick some Iraqi ass so their Saudi and Kuwaiti boys could enjoy their free time driving their Benzes and Maseratis and hanging out in discos and bars.
The execution of Saddam was about lil' Bush avenging a verbal death threat Saddam made to his daddy, nothing more.
Saddam was no threat to America and he had nothing to do with 9/11.
He was just another maniacal prick- no different from any of our "allies" in the Middle East.
The Middle East is a backward shithole, salvaged only by their rich deposits of oil.
We have no allies besides Israel in the Middle East. We pay dearly for Israel to continue to exist, which is fine by me.
Otherwise, it's best to leave the region entirely and let the rest of those Godless assholes fend for themselves.