Wednesday, May 09, 2007

OJ: Eat Somewhere Else, Murderer

I was thrilled to hear murderer O.J. Simpson was asked to leave a Louisville steakhouse by its owner Jeff Ruby the day before the Kentucky Derby.
Predictably, Simpson's lawyer Yale Galanter plans to sue the owner for "racism."
In order to claim racism, wouldn't O.J. first have to be part of the human race?
It's really very simple.
A jury of starstruck militant downtown Los Angelinos found him not guilty in his criminal trial, but a group of his upscale peers in another jurisdiction found him responsible for the murders of his ex wife and her friend in a civil trial.
Therefore, it is perfectly legitimate to refer to him as a murderer.
As such, it's entirely legitimate for a restaurateur not to want to serve a murderer while his law abiding customers would have to watch the murderer tuck into a bloody chunk of prime beef.
As Simpson and his party of a dozen enablers voluntarily left the restaurant after Simpson was asked to go, more than 100 customers in the restaurant rose from their seats and gave Mr. Ruby a standing ovation.
Though I prefer that someone would have already shot Simpson in the head, throwing his vile, murderous ass out of a steak house was a step in the right direction.
He's a rabid animal with a crazed sense of entitlement and entirely without conscience.
If Mr. Ruby needs a legal defense fund, I'm in.


nobody's fool said...

I'd love to see how they plan on attempting to prove racism. I believe it's perfectly legal to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. It's not a publicly-owned establishment.

You can't show me any place in the Constitution where it states you have a right to be served a steak dinner.

Mr. Ruby is indeed deserving of a standing ovation.

Anonymous said...

I love Mr. Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Not only that Chari, this happened in Louisville, KY.
The Deep South is not likely to gather a jury that would take kindly to a city slicker, uppity black man who killed his white wife and her white friend and got by with it.