Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love My Spurs

Well, my home team won the NBA Championship tonight.
Probably nobody watched the series outside of Texas or Ohio because the Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers are small market, notoriously good sports and without much gangsta attitude.

It was a sweep but the final game got exciting into the fourth quarter because the Cavs perked up and had a big rally. They are a good team but not fully ripe just yet. They have a very talented guy named LeBron James who will be tomorrow's superstar.

Right now it's 11ish and the freeways are jammed toward downtown so the fans can congregate and scream.
It just started to rain outside. Nobody's all that worried though, Spurs fans just like to huddle together in tight crowds and scream real loud. They don't torch cars or tear down buildings. Hell, half of them have their toddlers with them amidst the crowd.

I love the Spurs because they are really good fundamentally, they aren't ball hogs or big mouth braggarts.
We have this little guy, Tony Parker, who was voted MVP tonight. He's French, really cute and engaged to Eva Longoria, who is in ABC's "Desperate Housewives."
She is hot, funny, rich, famous and kind of sexy in a trampy kind of way. He is talented, rich, cute, popular, famous and the biggest star in the NBA tonight. They will wed next month in a castle Tony rented in France. It'll be like the wedding of Charles and Diana, except theirs will probably cost more and have cooler guests.
Robert Horry won his 7th NBA Championship ring tonight.
Michael Finley left a starring spot in Dallas over a salary dispute and went for a lesser role in San Antonio because he wanted to be on a championship team. And now he is.
Bruce Bowen and his wife just had a baby girl five days ago.
Manu Ginobili is a superstar in Argentina and the whole nation watches him play for the Spurs. He had to hire 24/7 armed guards for his parents in Buenos Aires because his fans smother them and kidnapping for ransom is a cottage industry in Argentina.
A tiny little guy names Jacques Vaughn who had to suffer for years in Utah with his team getting their asses kicked by the Spurs every year won his ring tonight. It's his first and he's been around forever.
And then there's Tim Duncan. He's just a helluva player and a good man in general. He and his wife Amy are the types who'd bake cookies and take them to orphans on Sunday afternoons.

We just won by 1 point tonight, but it was a series sweep and that's real good. The scofflaw in me sort of cringes that the Spurs are such goodie goodies, but you gotta admit it's takes some real ass kicking skill to win an NBA title. Especially four times.

I think I'll buy a T-shirt tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that men who play fair, win, and aren't loud mouth criminals don't make the headlines? I think that David Robinson and Popovich are responsible for creating a team that continues to debunk the myth that good guys finish last.

Anonymous said...

As long as the media yawns at decent celebrities, the good guys will fall through the cracks.
As a major proponent of the first amendment, I don't want the media to have to revert to Leave it to Beaver reporting, but once in a while it'd be nice if the media went wild over ordinary excellence.

Unknown said...

I have been sick as a dog, but I will tell you that I watch every game but the last one. I knew the Spurs were gonna was as obvious as that Newport hanging out of Laura Bush's mouth.

Or to put it another way..I just knew they were the best team :)