Monday, June 04, 2007

The Sopranos Next to the Last Show:


How do you think the last show will end? Talk to me.


Lulu Maude said...

Dearest Zippie, I know that you have your mind on the future of Tony and Carmela, etc., but I have tagged you for a meme. Please see my blog for details.


Anonymous said...

I've been combing the spoilers and got info that seems to coincide with what some of the cast members have been saying publicly.

You can email me and I'll spill what beans I have if you want me to.

I haven't recovered from losing Chris in such a nasty way, then Sil gets it. Its stressing me out and making me wish I could bitch slap AJ for Tony.

Anonymous said...

Tagged me for a meme? I wasn't sure what that meant but I went to Lulu's site and listed my favorite books in her comments section.
I think that fulfilled my meme tagging obligation.

So, on to the Sopranos.

Anonymous (aka my big sister) and I swapped a fair number of e-mails trading theories on who'd get rubbed out in the final episode.
Without retyping all her theories (she needs to get her own blog-it'd be funny), here are some of mine.

1. I think Tony will be killed off by Phil Leotardo. Tony said he doesn't want to reprise the role and his death would guarantee that.
2. I think he'll be shot while trying to protect AJ from catching a bullet. In the process, I think Tony will kill Leotardo.
3. I think Tony will be rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Melfi visits his bedside and confesses her love for him right before he dies.
4. I think AJ, being the whiney little puss he is, will be so freaked out over Tony's death he'll take one of Tony's guns and turn it on himself.
5. I think Carmela will be so emotionally devastated, she'll lose her mind and no longer be able to care for herself. Meadow will be the strong one and end up being Carmella's caretaker.
6. Fortunately for them both, it'll turn out that Carmela squirreled away millions- say $10,000 for every bimbo Tony fucked while they were married.
7. While it's fun to think that Paulie Walnuts' life will be spared so he can star in a spin-off a la Joey after 'Friends' went off the air, I think he'll be killed while visiting Silvio in the hospital.
8. I think once Carmela and Meadow get squared away, they will be visited by Adrianna, who's alive after all. Adrianna won't admit it, but after she healed from the damage Silvio did to her, she surfaced and masterminded Leotardo's war against the Soprano gang.
Then she'll star in the spin-off called, "Yo, Carmela, It's Ade."

Sue said...

Hey Karen!

I predict someone will get whacked. How's that for psychic!!

Anonymous said...

Paulie's going to die a tearful death and he ties into those terrorists somehow. Tony's going to prison forever or he'll die, or both, but Dr Milf will get to talk to him one last time. AJ is too chicken to kill himself but maybe Carmella will smack his weenie face. Meadow may get whacked just to shock the crap out of us, and Carmella will be just fine.

The shockers will be from Adriana and/or Silvio because we never really saw her shot up and Sil didn't actually die so either one is eligible to return. Remember how weird Sil got about being in charge when Tony almost died? Uh huh.