Monday, December 17, 2007

Dale and Jack Sittin' In a Tree

How delighted I was to find that Dale from last season's Top Chef and Jack, who left Project Runway early because of a contagious staph infection, are a couple now.
The infection is all cleared up.

Aren't they cute together?


dguzman said...

what a couple of cuties.

Anonymous said...

While I consider it rude to post off topic on someone else's blog, there's just too much going on politically these days for me to have much to say about reality TV.

Bush is going to get another $70 billion for his war from the Dems with no strings attached.

Harry Reid is trying to secure amnesty for law breakers in the telecom industry. Sen. Dodd is filibustering the amnesty bill right now.

And does anyone else care to comment on this?

Anonymous said...

Politics in today's America make me so crazy you may have noticed I've been steering clear of the topic for, oh, the past year or so.
I am thoroughly disgusted with the entire process and there are too many area that constantly make me angry. I had to take a breather, lest my head explode.
Perhaps you can start your own political blog, send me a link to it and I can help you get your own readership to commiserate with you.

Anonymous said...

It's off my chest. Thanks for not excoriating me.

Full disclosure: I watched an episode of Project Runway last week for the first time ever.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. :)
How did you like your first dose of PR? This season's cast is not as strong as some other seasons, but there aren't as many bitches any bitchy queens this time, either.

Distributorcap said...

first Karen
Omorosa Rice at PSP -- you are fucking brilliant!

your boy Todd won!...and it looked like Jeff was lusting after him last nite, despite the bizarre haircut.

you need to do a Toddpost

Anonymous said...

DisCap- actually my Big Sis is the brilliant one who coined the Omarosa thing.

I should do a Toddpost except I was so out of it on Sunday I slept through the whole damn finale.

His aunt told me I might be able to score an interview with him for my blog but I'm sure by now he's up to his ass in media.

Anonymous said...

If I were to write a review for PR there'd be a lot of little text surround the following quote:

I didn't turn it off.

As far as me and reality TV get along, that's saying a lot. Bitchiness was low. It seemed like they were all on the same team with people helping each other out when time was short. Or was it just my perception? Even the guy that got ditched didn't have anything untoward to say.

Anonymous said...

You're right, the bitchiness factor is way low this season and the show is suffering for it.
Too many nice people, combined with no stand out talent will make for an off season. But then if we get too bored we can take another look at that asshole Bush and the rest of those yahoos in the GOP.

Anonymous said...

The PR designers are sweet and kooky this season, but unfortunately not as talented overall as previous seasons. Maybe being hateful gets the creative juices flowing.

I feel like a Roman waiting for the designers to step into the arena with the lions (Kors, Nina and Heidi).

dguzman said...

Bring on the bloodshed!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe tonight's show was a fucking rerun. Who's making the clothes, the writer's guild?