Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Singer Nico kind of sums up this year's VD for me, you know, off key and dark.
Why are things so dark? Read on after the video.

Recent stormy weather messed up my cable TV. Knocked it out.
So I decided to skip expensive cable TV and go modern. My Big Sis researched and suggested Roku live streaming TV via a little black box that picks up the WiFi signals from my router.
Yesterday my friend Nancy, a computer nerd, worked for almost 5 hours trying to hook it up. She spoke with at least four different Pakistani or Indian tech reps, when finally one said, "We have tried everything--it's clear the Roku unit you have is damaged and will not work."
I ended up taking it back to Radioshaft where I purchased it.
I ordered a new one online and expect it on Wednesday.
No TV for more than a week has made me one grouchy Valentine*.
Happy Valentine's Day.

* I do have a Valentine's date, however. We are going to iHop. WOW.


bigsis said...

I have total faith in your quest for beating the system. Once you get your 170 stations up and running and you're not paying $100 a month to Time Warner you'll be glad you went through this ordeal. In the meantime there's always Hulu for a quick tv fix.

bigsis said...

Oh, and have fun at the iHop. If you and your Valentine get there by 3:30 pm you can get the senior special on the tooty fruity syrup coated sugar lump omelette with "wipped kreem." iHop is even generous enough to keep an ambulance waiting outside until the senior happy hour ends.

Iain said...

Sympathies KZ, but your TV-less pain is worth it for the Nico reminder!

nonnie9999 said...

i never heard of roku. i'll have to look into that. will you be able to get local channels? i would love to not have to give wheelbarrows filled with money to comcast every month for crappy service.

hope you had a nice valentine date, zippy.

hate to disagree with iain, but listening to that video was painful. i liked the piano, but the vocal was...i can't even think of the right word. abusive to my ears.

Iain said...

It's certainly not her best moment, Nonnie! I'll be more generous and suggest she's just "differently-tuned" ;)

The foghorn-like "quality" of her voice probably isn't suited to an open mic at a live performance, nor covering such a romantic classic, but it gave me an excuse to listen to "I'll Be Your Mirror" again - *swoon*

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

... and did you gaze at each other over the Belgian pancakes?

herisson said...

iHOP is one of my favourite places when I go to the US !!! this and "In and out burger" (only in Southern California) and "The claim jumper" (in California as well, I think)

Fran said...

Technology-- when it is good it is very good.

iHop-- well some years are like that.