Thursday, May 12, 2005

Survivor and the Apprentice tonight

After last week's brilliant move to take out Gregg, we all think Jenn will be next, right?
Nope. Jenn's been neutralized with Gregg now gone. Look to Caryn to finally get the boot-she's gotten by on doing nothing long enough, and she's so shifty nobody trusts her allegiance.
Reward goes to long armed Ian, who takes Tom with him in his new little red Corvette, and pisses off Katie in the process.

As for the Apprentice, Kendra is bright but Tana has better people skills.
Both will fuck up their challenges, thanks to the returning imbeciles Trump stuck them with as helpers, but Tana looks nicer when she's cornered and afraid.
Tana will be the next Apprentice, and she'll be damn good at it.

Your picks?

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