Thursday, May 05, 2005

Survivor & The Apprentice Tonight

Look to Gregg to win the reward and watch him take Jenn and Katie with him to enjoy it.
It's a good thing Gregg gets to have one last fling though, because rumor has it Ian works behind the scenes to have Gregg booted.
Yes, everyone thinks Caryn will get the boot, but she's no threat and far too bland to be singled out quite yet. So it makes perfect sense to get rid of a macho man like Gregg, and break up the cuddling alliance he has with Jenn in the process.

The Apprentice is down to the stems and seeds now, and Trump simply has to find a way to get rid of that arrogant shoe shine executive Craig, lest he accidentally be stuck with him. Tokenism can only take that sexist clown so far, and he's had a free ride because of it all this time.
Trump has to decide between the amiable and sunny Tana, who has shown great people skills and the ability to enforce her own boundaries without being hateful about it; and Kendra, who has less maturity but amazing marketing skills and a head for winning.
Both are worthy choices, but I think Tana could command a large staff more effectively.
But then Kendra could make Trump more money, so she may be the final choice. In this case, I don't think her bitchiness will clash with the Trump organization.
It didn't seem to hurt Carolyn any.

Your picks?

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