Thursday, September 07, 2006

Attention: All Suckers

If you're planning to watch ABC's "Path to 9/11" you're falling once again for more fetid Bush propaganda.
In essence, the sensationalist liars who put together this fictitious piece of crap would like you to believe that the Clinton administration was ultimately at fault for 9/11.
It doesn't matter that it occurred on Bush's watch; those conniving sons of bitches haven't taken responsibility for anything from environmental disasters, to FEMA's mismanagement, to rising gas prices, to any damn thing.
Clinton's administration endured a few terrorist activities, to be sure. A military ship was damaged. A parking area was bombed.
Bush's stupidity and lack of successful leadership experience made his reign a perfect time for terrorists to get the drop on us and do some serious damage. Think of it as Sheriff Andy Taylor being away from Mayberry and leaving Deputy Barney Fife in charge.
People are sick of the 9/11 sky is falling rhetoric.
We thinking people are more scared of having an idiot in charge than another terrorist attack.
This stupid, made for TV movie is one last ditch effort at swaying the sheep and lemmings into thinking Bush the bullying imbecile and his GOP criminal cohorts should still be trusted.
Fuck them and fuck this phony docudrama.
And fuck ABC for pandering to the terminally ignorant.
I'd boycott ABC, but I don't watch any of their crappy programming as it is.


TJ said...

Take Action. Let ABC advertisers know that you vote with your dollars. Start here:

Unknown said...

Jeebus, I have gotten no less than 20 emails this week from every group I belong to telling me to bitch out ABC..which I dutifully I quite sure I am on ABC's shitlist by now..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Dig this from the NYTimes:

Passions Flare as Broadcast of 9/11 Mini-Series Nears
ABC is re-evaluating and in some cases re-editing crucial
scenes in its new mini-series "The Path to 9/11" to soften
its portrait of the Clinton administration's pursuit of
Osama bin Laden.

Yep, just goes to show you that ABC has caved to the pressure of being caught trying to shove more Bush propaganda down the throats of its viewers.

BigSis said...

ABC caving, love it. And looks like the schools are getting the picture too. Thank goodness we progressives have the internet to rely on or we'd be run over again. Keep up the good work Zip.