Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Democratic Landslide

Repugnican Congressman Henry Bonilla was ceremoniously thrown out of office in a run-off election in San Antonio yesterday.
Former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez won in a landslide.
Bonilla had been elected after Tom DeLay and his cronies masterminded the scheme to redistrict Texas, causing the noted coconut to collect the all-important honky vote in Texas.
Once the Supreme Court, lopsided as they are, had to admit that the redistricting was illegal, Ciro was finally returned to his rightful place in Congress.

I loathed Henry Bonilla when he ran 14 years ago because he was then the news director for CBS affiliate KENS-TV in San Antonio.
When he first ran, he used the station's computers to create and print his campaign materials. Chris Marrou, the anchorman, held a fundraiser for his boss in his home. Bonilla was married at the time to co-anchor Deborah Knapp, who also ignored journalistic ethics and stumped for him.
I figured a dishonest, unscrupulous journalist would make a dishonest, unscrupulous Congressman- and I was right.
Bonilla had his nose so far up Tom DeLay's ass, it's a wonder DeLay could sit down.

So, let's give Bonilla a big adios, MoFo.


Lulu Maude said...

Yay--the Texas bluebonnet prose returns!

BigSis said...

HA, that's the best news I've heard since Rummy was dumped! How I hated Bonilla being in office. And Ciro is the best, the very best. So did Bonilla's wife dump him or what happened there?

Great news.