Friday, November 30, 2012

I Have a Dream

Back in the 2008 primary season, I got into it with many of my liberal and/or progressive friends because I preferred Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. I liked Obama, I just thought Hillary would do a better job than Barack. I also was leery of Michelle back then, but I have grown to love and admire her. Four years later, Hillary has done a magnificent job as Obama's Secretary of State, and national and international polling about her job approval ratings have maintained very high marks throughout her tenure. Before that, her performance in the Senate also drew high marks, even from her Republican Senate colleagues. Judging by Bill Clinton's enthusiastic campaigning for President Obama's second term in office, it was obvious to me that Bill was paving the way for Obama to wholeheartedly endorse Hillary in the 2016 presidential race. I adore Hillary, and I think Bill Clinton was the best president we've had in the last 30 years. To think that President Hillary Clinton would have her husband to advise her is the very definition of the term, "value added." I do have a dream. I dream of Hillary winning the 2016 Democratic primary, and her choosing Michelle Obama as her running mate. With that ticket, the world would see America's evolution, and our global street cred would be astronomically high. I think Jeb Bush is already gearing up to run for president in 2016, and after eight years of us enduring his moronic big brother in the oval office, I doubt that the American electorate will want to risk another Bush catastrophy. So, a Hilary and Michelle ticket. What do you think?


jadedj said...

With you!

Eva Wilson said...

Yes! You are absolutely right.

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