Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Survivor/Apprentice Blog

In a rare moment of celebrating the holiday spirit, I will be spending Thursday night on a riverwalk barge, eating tourist Tex-Mex with friends instead of watching Survivor and The Apprentice.
I agreed to go before I realized I'd have to shell out 30 bucks to eat a $4 plate of enchiladas, while unseasonably nippy breezes skim over the icy river water and makes that a lukewarm $30 plate of enchiladas.
All that aside, I predict Ami will get the boot. That saddens me so much, I may have to add a few $12 margaritas to my $30 enchilada tab.
I was thinking of taping Survivor for later viewing, but taping The Apprentice afterwards is out of the question.
You see, that would require programming the VCR, which for me would be similar to building my own computer from parts Grey Bird ordered for me online from a Tokyo electronics merchant.
Let me put it this way- the clock on my VCR has been flashing 12 for many years now, and it has never occurred to me to amend that.
Anyway, besides picking my beloved Ami to get the boot, I am too distracted right now to try to recall what happened last week on the Apprentice, so I have no idea who Trump will fire this week.
I have, however, calculated that my lukewarm enchiladas will cost me about $6 per bite.

Your picks?

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