Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's the Platform

I know, I know, the Democrats have behaved like a bunch of spineless, wimpy victims, letting the fat pedophile bullies over at the GOP kick sand in their faces and club them with Christ.
But I'm still a Democrat.
Why? Because more Democrats than Republicans support my views on:
Gay rights
Stem Cell Research
Separation of Church & State
Diplomacy Before War
The Constitution

Yes, we need some Democrats with balls.
But when we hear or read of a Democrat taking a ballsy position on an issue, who among us is first to call or write and encourage them?
We get what we demand, folks.


Holly in Cincinnati said...

I'm finding it difficult to continue supporting the Democratic Party due to its views on the Middle East.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yeah, right.
Better to stay the course with the incumbent criminals in office.
Get real.

BigSis said...

I just heard John Kerry say that he was wrong for being so courteous and he should have "kicked their asses" in his campaign. And he'll know better "if" he runs again. We want Dem's with spines to step up and do the job, but can we please exclude this guy and anyone else who had a chance and blew it? He struck out, he needs to move on, and that includes his little elitist buddy, Edwards.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Edwards is just too precious to be taken seriously.
I wish to hell LBJ was alive and viable to run- he'd castrate those Republican bastards.

The Educated Eclectic said...

We need a NEW party!!! Please.

Lulu Maude said...

After reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man I better understand what Nader meant by the lack of difference between Repubes and Dems.

I too am a Dem, and there certainly is a big difference between Al and Dubya... or Kerry and Dubya, for that matter. However, the lack of taking Repubes to task for their many fuck-ups shows an absence of backbone. Add to that an absence of an agenda for the many woes that beset us, and you have the RX for more years of Christanofascism.

Molly Ivins for President!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Alas, Molly Ivins is battling breast cancer right now.
She's still doing two columns a week, but her prognosis for now is uncertain.
Pray for her, if you pray.

nobody's fool said...

Light and love to Molly.

I'm very quick to fire off a letter when a Dem a) pisses me off or b) does us good. Also, I'll write them when I think they need a little prodding on which way to vote on an issue. As to whether they listen or not... who knows?

in.dog.neato said...

LBJ....Huey P. Long!!! There was a man with cajones! He didn't put up with ANY B.S.

I'm really interested in checking out Penn's portrayal of that man...