Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I could write a detailed summation of how the American people got fed up, swarmed to the polls and threw so many of those crooked Republican sons of bitches out, but there are hundreds of thousands of lefty Bloggers doing that right now.
So instead, let me hone right in on this vindicating bliss I am feeling at this moment and please allow me to say...

Hey, Barcode/Recycled Sip/Clyde--

It took Americans a lot longer than I thought it would to realize what a bunch of wrong minded assholes the GOP has been, but they finally caught up and they threw most of the bums out.

Did I mention that Barcode should suck it?
Oh, right, I did.



Unknown said...

Ah..its grand right now..the repubes and specifically Rove are talking to themselves and downing tranquilizers like M&M's.

nobody's fool said...

Any comments from Clyde yet?