Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ken Cocksucker Mehlman: You're Next

Looks like the GOP's head faggot Ken Mehlman will be next to get the ax.
So long, queenie.
See you at the next Log Cabin Republican meeting, you self loathing clown.


MJ said...

Ya know Karen, maybe I'm just showing my age here but your use of the word "faggot" makes me cringe every single time, and not in the way you intend. I know what you're trying to achieve but it just doesn't work for me. It's as derogatory in this context as it is in its most hateful. And that's not a good thing. Sorry, I've held that back for a while now and just had to say it.

Now as far as Ken goes - it's about fucking time. Good riddance.

Karen Zipdrive said...

That's cool, MJ, I can understand where you're coming from.
I say dyke, I say queer, I say faggot, much like African Americans use a certain word on each other as an affectionate term.
But like them, I also use it in a peppery way when the subject has it coming.
I hate it when political correctness gets too stiff, like when my dear friend LuLu got on me for using the tern 'mulatto'- which to me just means "half white/half black--no different to me than "Eurasian."
I can't please everyone, MJ, but if my terms offend you, I am sorry because I genuinely like you.
In other words, I'm not gonna change the way I talk or write, but I think you have the right to remark on it.

MJ said...

I have no problem with the words dyke, queer, fag whatever. I identify as a dyke, a big ol dyke to be precise.

It's not the word itself but the manner in which it's used. When anyone calls someone a faggot as a means to shame or belittle him, I find that to be a hateful use of the word. And that's where I object. Even when it's intended to expose hypocrisy - which is what I believe was your intent here - personally I find it inappropriate.

But then again, I've lived in California for 17 years now so maybe I'm overly sensitive ;)

As for mulatto - I have no idea if that is offensive or not. My guess is that it would be so I avoid using it. Bi-racial seems to be a more acceptable term, if needed.

And you're absolutely right - this is your house and you can say whatever you want. I certainly don't think of you as a bigot by any means. I just felt obligated to air my discomfort.

I've always appreciate your candor and despite occasionally not agreeing with your choice of words, I almost always agree with your opinions. Rock on with your bad self Karen!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks for explaining MJ, you make several good points.
Part of the reason I called my Blog "Pulp Friction" was because I knew I'd likely cause some friction with my choice of words.

By the way- they did give Mehlman the ax.:)

MJ said...

Yes, and it must be reassuring for him to know that the dems will be raising the minimum wage when he goes to fill out that application at McDonalds.