Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gerald Ford: RIP

I'm sorry for Betty Ford's loss.
Gerald Ford was one of the few Republicans who didn't seem to be on the take, and that made him a very unique member of his party.
Sure, he pardoned known-criminal Richard Nixon, but I'm sure he agreed to do that in order to get the job. Let's face it, we'd all perhaps do something sort of slimy if we got to be president as a result.
Besides, he lost his shot to be an elected president because of the pardon, so what went around came around. End of story.
But Ford's best asset was his wife.
Betty Ford is the ONLY GOP wife in history who admitted she was a pill popping drunk. You don't see Crazy Eyes going in for treatment, and you sure as hell don't see Barbara Bush admitting she's a tippler.
The Betty Ford Treatment Center is one of America's preeminent dry-out centers, and the nation has her to thank for that, and the recovery trend in general.
So, Betty, I send my sympathies to you and your family.
He seemed to be a decent old guy. May he rest in peace.