Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I wrote another New Year's blog but I deleted it because it didn't say much about much.
This blog has been largely political since 2004.
I felt the frequent need to speak out against the Bush administration and the GOP because I felt strongly about what they were doing to undermine our country.
Now Bush has been defanged, because the nation voted to remove the Senate and Congress from GOP control, making it harder for Bush to ramrod through his insane visions for world domination.
It's almost better than seeing Bush impeached and removed from office, because now we get to watch how the little tyrant reacts to the word "no," again and again.
The year 2007 will be more peaceful for America because Bush's war machine will be slowed to a crawl.
His plan to add tens of thousands of troops to fight the winless war in Iraq was not well received; in fact he made himself even more of a laughingstock with that ill-conceived scheme.
So, onward and upward.
My little blog may take a new direction now that I don't feel as politically hyper-vigilant.
Where do you want it to go?


Shelley said...

Well I, for one, miss your funny and insightful observations on life, the universe, dating, and everything (with apologies to Douglas Adams). I'd love to see you go back to including some posts of that sort again.

Oh, and happy New Year! :-)

jordanrep.com/10522 said...

I enjoy your sense of humor. You are very funny.