Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hope You Had a Good One, Too

I'm home from the holidays and yes, despite of my best efforts, I am now the owner of a Snuggy--a burnt orange University of Texas Snuggy. I tried it out at Big Sis's last night and it's pretty warm, although the sleeves make for a straitjacket effect I did not dig. Big Sis eventually wangled it away from me, leaving me to have to nuzzle under a leopard skin doggy blanket her dog Dixi was not using at the moment.
Last night we watched some great TV, but my night was ruined when an HBO Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame concert was marred by Aretha Franklin's fat ass doing a duet with my all time idol Annie Lennox, who appeared wearing a black "HIV Positive" T-shirt.
"Whaaaat?" I asked Big Sis and My Sharona.
"Yep, she's HIV+ positive, we Googled it."
"No fucking way," I growled.
"Way," they replied.
Turns out they were el wrongo, but I went to sleep last night so very sad that my girl was having to take a pile of anti-AIDS meds. I've already lost too many people to AIDS, I could hardly bear to lose my idol.
I Googled it myself when I got home. She's HIV negative.
Anyway, we spent the day at Big Bro's house in the country by the lake. He invited almost 15 people over for dinner and it was almost a clusterfuck except that everyone was cool and he'd made some kind of demon punch that liquored us all up but good.
I got some lovely gifts...a snazzy new coffeemaker and gold filter, an Amazon gift card, some cash, a gorgeous black scarf with a bronze border, a laptop computer, a door mat with severe cat scratch marks on it, and of course the Snuggy.
With the Amazon card, I scored a new Nikon Coolpics digital camera, so that's gonna be great to shlep around rather than my 2-pound Sony megapiggy digital.
Though I definitely lucked out with gifts, the true gift was having fun with my sibs and our assorted family members and friends.
The food was fantastic wherever I picked up a fork.
Life is good.
How was yours? Do tell.


Iain said...

I'm suitably jealous of your Christmas haul, KZ, Snuggy apart! Despite the sadness of it being my first ever Christmas without my Aunt, it was a similar day with family and plentiful food. My 16-week-old nephew received more gifts than I've ever seen, despite not being able to open any of them. I'm sure he'd swap them all to be able to get his feet in his mouth.

And it was Glasgow's first official "white" Christmas for years. So pretty.

Lulu Maude said...

Lovely, if quiet. I celebrated with a big, fat cold, with which I came down on Monday. Had to bow out of a wonderful Christmas Eve with our best friends here--I did send Spousie-- went to bed early and listened to a book on cd. But we had some tender moments together the next day. Got some absolutely fantastic books, things I'd never have found for myself. It was also our first Christmas as a married pair, and I have to say that it did feel different, special.

I am so damn lucky, and I am so grateful.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I got a Rick Bayless cookbook for Xmas and I couldn't find a burrito recipe in the dang thing. I thought you said all he made was burritos.

nonnie9999 said...

you know that i don't celebrate xmas, but i did deliver presents to the 3-year-old twins next door and the 5-year-old who lives next door to them. i love seeing the look on little kids' faces when they open presents, so i got them a bunch of different stuff so they'd have lots to open. i wasn't disappointed, because they loved their presents. i always like giving presents more than receiving them, so it worked out well.

glad you had a good xmas, zippy.

Fran said...

We were honored w the presence of the college age son & his new girlfriend. The morning was a cleaning frenzy.... damn! Where does all that clutter come from???
By noon the place was so clean, I barely recognized it!!!
The girlfriend is a vegetarian, so I decided to make Quiche. I actually managed to not burn them.... so dinner came off well.
I had some gifts & a goody bag for each .. that was fun. The girlfriend volunteered to make a pie. Twas apple & made from scratch, with love.
We watched on old Danny Kay movie: The Court Jester.... w a very young Jessica Lange.

A great line in the movie-- An unemployed Jester is nobody's fool!

By the end of the night I had come down w a cold & went to bed with.....

deb said...

KZ,you've got some generous people in your crowd. Wow! :)

We went to a Moravian Love Feast on Christmas Eve and had our family time after that.

We went for the "no gifts unless handmade" plan this year, so I got some yummy treats, a necklace made by a nephew, photos of adorable younger members of the family, and a dvd of photos of us when we were young and adorable.

Handmade also seems to have a broader meaning for us, so I also got a 2010 calender from Germany, a hand-stitched, pieced quilt made by the first wife of the 2nd husband of a long deceased sister of a long deceased relative two generations my senior … imagine that! … given by a sibling, a very nice hand-me-down computer case, and a coat that feels so good it should be a down comforter (“from my favorite store” which I’m guessing was Goodwill).

I made truffles tonight (a little late) and the children are painting birdhouses tomorrow (our other in-progress gift). :)

Our party (time together) is still going on with everyone staying around for days lounging, reading, cooking, eating, and playing. It's been relaxing and very enjoyable.

ps - I saw that A.F./A.L. performance on tv sometime recently. I'm glad to hear the HIV+ is not true.

Distributorcap said...

been a hectic week - but i had to say ahppy new year