Sunday, December 13, 2009


Between Barack Obama turning out to be just one more mediocre politician and the Senate and Congress continuing to screw American taxpayers at every turn, politics is no longer interesting to me. Not only is my continued membership in the Democratic party questionable, even the idea of voting has turned into an exercise in futility.

That leaves pop culture to blog about, but I'm sick of that, too.
Between Tiger the Fuck Woods and the endless glut of reality "stars" clogging the media, it's come down to this: Who cares?

I recall when Huffington Post first started, I couldn't wait to wake up every morning and read it from end to end. Now it's just crap piled atop more crap.
Same with the evening line-up at MSNBC. I can't watch it anymore because I'm sick of being sick and tired with the way things are.

I'm glad I have a happy, loving family and a few loyal friends who are still fun to be around. We've adjusted our Christmas plans to focus less on material crap and more on just being together. The simplicity and lack of drama feels very nice.

What about you? Are you feeling burnt out on external stuff too?


Distributorcap said...

completely burned out on all of it - and i too am questioning whether you get me to vote Democratic again. for the NYC mayor race i voted for the socialist worker's party.

between tiger and lindsay lohan and john and kate - well i cant watch enough food network shows.

i have said this numerous times to a lot of laughs - this country as a country is through. kaput. i have ZERO hope for this nation. it is only a matter of time before USA goes the way of the dodo

and the ultimate blame - the media

Karen Zipdrive said...

The media started dumbing down ages ago with the advent of USA Today and their briefs-disguised-as-news style. The style suited the ADD-having, incurious, less educated public.
The media did not diminish educational standards in America- that was politicians like Reagan.
The media has to attract the lowest denominator of audience comprehension so they can sell beer and Snuggies.
But I agree.
We are fucked.

nonnie9999 said...

it's the fault of the corporations who either own or in some way control what the media is allowed to cover. government has become just another arm of the giant corporations, so the hotshots are now allowed to control the media and everything else. it's just a matter of time before the next american revolution. let's just not allow the moronic teabaggers to lead the troops.

popular culture isn't even interesting, because the people in the spotlight are boring. jon and kate? who gives a shit? tiger woods? that was funny for about a day. the little blond tartlets that the paparazzi follows around 24/7? i can't even think of anything they might do that might spark a bit of interest on my part. and i have never seen twilight, so i have no idea who those people even are.

Anonymous said...

hi karen, it has taken years but hopefully i have managed to post a commnent again on pulpfriction.

Ian from Australia (not New Zealand)

Lulu Maude said...

As you know, I agree wholeheartedly. It's why I quit blogging.

Our culture is an incurious one... part of that comes from our anti-intellectual tradition, which spawns the Sarah Palins and Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs... they either mirror our anyone-can-do-this-job-with-the-luvva-Jesus-and-good-ole-common-sense, or this sounds substantive and I am too ignorant and lazy to verify these claims, or the bigger the cigar, the more authoritative the statement.

That's why I read and make stuff and ignore the rest of this nonsense as much as possible.

Obama should consult with Greg Mortensen (Three Cups of Tea) on Afghanistan, not generals. He should spend some time outside the beltway to re-learn just what goes on with us Just Folks.

Lulu Maude said...
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Unknown said...

Burned out doesn't even cover the half of it. Thank Buddha for sports.

Fran said...

Oh yea.... my hope has been dashed, and one can wait for change for just so long before you can;t help but notice not much has actually changed-- worse- it appears to be more of the same.

But I have to say, I have heard lots of people say why bother voting anymore, and that scares me... because you know who LOVES to hear that???

Sarah Palin.... she's getting all kinds of presidential smoke up her ass as she does her ghostwritten book tour.

I swear... we need to make sure our disgust with the political jokers does not turn into an "in" for Palin.


We all have our bottom line.

BTW it is gutwrenching watching LIEberman
try to hijack healthcare.

It would be worth it to put pressure on him to
stop his crapola.

He will have a special place in hell.

WriteChic said...

OMG, this is depressing and completely justified. I thought about it all morning, and I think what I've concluded is that we (America) were much worse off during the Bush years than I ever realized. Yes, I watched most Democrats roll over and play dead on GOP command for years and years. But they all didn't. Now that they are in the majority they remain in a state of learned helpless...if they haven't sold their Lieberman and so many others.

What we have now is an improvement, but there are miles to go.

Anonymous said...

Blame the media - they are to blame, partly. But the real problems began when conservative policies drained essential funding away from public education. Everyone knows that those who can attend private schools are 9/10 children of wealthy conservatives...the ones who can't, can, well, suck it. Forty years from Raegan's vainglorious election the USA is a vapid, nonsensical, warring, beligerent nation that will in a few years resort to extortion, full-out protectionism and full-out war to take what it wants when it wants to...the big problem with that is there are now some serious other guys in the neighbourhood that can stand up to it (China, soon Russia (again) its high time that everyone with a brain should start to convince wveryone without one that we best be getting down to serious business or all will be lost. The media is just helping this happen faster than it normally would.

jadedj said...

Burned out and full of disgust for everything political. I can count on one hand the people in D.C. that could be classified as honorable. I am in agreement with distributorcap, we have had it. Can't remember who said this mixed metaphor, but wish it had been me, as it fits recent events to a tee..."Now we've got them right where they want us." Screwed.