Friday, April 01, 2011

Stupid Texas Politicians, Again

Every fall the state of Texas provides families with no-tax weekends on school clothes and a variety of school supplies so they can save a little money while buying their kids what they need.
Inspired by this tax-free weekend, Texas State Senator Glenn Heger, from the booming metropolis of Katy, has filed a bill for another tax-free weekend in Texas.
Heger's tax-free weekend proposal would apply to the purchase of all manner of firearms, ammo and other weapons.
See, Texas hunters and gun freaks need a break from having to pay taxes on their arsenals. Hell, I'm sure the senator would like to see weapons entirely tax exempt, year around.
This story is why I've been shying away from political posts. Politicians in Texas are 98 percent stupid fucking idiots and 2 percent halfway decent.
My fondest wish is that Sen. Heger invites Dick Cheney to go hunting with him. I'll even provide the bottle(s) of Jack Daniels for them.


Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

The New Hampshire state legislature just passed a law permitting the possession of firearms in the State House.

Guns are the visible sign of America's mental illness... Second Amendment or not.

JimBob said...

but, kz, we NEEEEEEED those arsenals! You know, for when the zombiepacolypse occurs.

nonnie9999 said...

so when is the logical next step--ordering kids to carry tax-free firearms into elementary schools?

bigsis said...

They don't just want guns and ammo to be exempt. They want anything related to killing to be exempt, such as decoys, game traps, game feeders, game scents, game attractants, and hunting blinds and stands. Essentially, they don't want to pay tax on any items used to lure and kill animals.

I guess the lazy bastards just lure critters onto their front yards and shoot them from their porches.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

They keep a lot of the game birds penned up in narrow cages so that they're disoriented when turned loose and therefore easy to blow away. Assholes.

As for the NH legislators, they don't seem to realize how many friends they don't have.

South Austin Viceroy said...

I'm sure that before this session is over, someone from Fort Bend County will propose the official gun of Texas. Gubnor Good Hair most likely is envious that Arizona and Utah legislators have passed bills designating each state's gun. In Arizona it's the Colt Peacemaker and in Utah it's the Colt Model 1919 45 caliber pistol.

I propose the Texas state gun be a water pistol.