Saturday, August 06, 2011

I've Had It.

I'm sick and tired of the Senate, the Congress and President Obama.
I'm afraid the debt ceiling drama did me in.
Obama's a wishy washy wimp, Boehner is a pissy little bully, Mitch McConnell is a shape-shifting weasel, and the whole lot of them need to be replaced.
How dare they threaten people's Social Security and pension checks! It's our money--how dare they act as if it's not. How dare they create such melodrama by waiting until the last possible moment to strike a deal. Grandstanding like that is most unappealing when our money is on the line.
Barack Obama was a brilliant candidate.
He energized youth, minorities, gays and lesbians and slackers who never voted before.
But he's turned his back on all of us who believed in him and all his hope and change rhetoric. Rhetoric. That's all it was.
He completely oversold himself, like an informercial promising the crap they're selling actually works.
He spends time pandering to the right-wing and teabaggers as if he owes them something. I'm even wondering if he's a GOP ringer, sent in to screw the nation a la George W. Bush.
It's been nearly four years and the verdict is, he's a dud.
He stands for nothing.
He's weak.
He has no cojones.

Ask around and see if anyone who voted for him is satisfied with the job he's doing.
Ask them to name some positive, progressive changes he's initiated.
He's a warmonger.
He's a homophobe.
He allows the GOP to water down anything he suggests, like health care for example.
He's timid.
He's robotic.
He's ruined any chance for other minorities to run for president.
The voters who came out for him won't make that mistake again. The slackers will stay home. The youth will stay home. Millions of us will skip voting for the first time in our lives.

Hillary Clinton would have done a far better job as president than Barack Obama.
Anyone would do a better job than that clown.
I wish he'd step down and let Joe Biden take over. He's a goofball, but I'm pretty sure his cojones are intact and operable, plus he's actually a Democrat and not some GOP shill like Obama.
We cant take four more years of Obama. He's the worst Democratic president in history. I just want him to go away, and take his hackneyed theatrics with him.


Iain said...

Agree with the fury, KZ. I still think that Obama and his "advisers" assume that the economy will be sufficiently improved and that he will have enough policy gimmicks in hand with which to bribe the same voters again (there must be some self-doubt creeping in by this point, surely?). The most annoying part of all of his capitulations is how comfortable he seems to be with giving in, almost as much as he seems to enjoy being snarky towards liberals who have the temerity to note his failings. Maybe he likes the feeling of being good at something again? He is reminding me more of Blair, with the same misguided assumptions and optimism that disappeared quickly. I'm amazed that Boehner's foundation doesn't crack when he tries to pretend that Obama is somehow in opposition to everything and more that the teabaggers tell him to do.

Maybe we should start calling him a racist, Hitler-loving Commie - it seems to get him on your side of an argument.

bigsis said...

Obama lost me completely when HE, not Boehner, McConnell or any other R's, put SS on the sacrificial table during the debt ceiling debate. Obama is also the one who pushed for the "tax holiday" so people are now only paying in 4.25% into SS and Obama put SS on the line for future "adjustments" when it wasn't on the R's radar.

I can't not vote, its not in me to do that. So I've decided I'm going to write in the name of my presidential choice, even if Hillary chooses not to run.

Anonymous said...

think how you will like when R. Perry is Pres.--not :)

Karen Zipdrive said...

Iain, Obama is somewhat like Tony Blair in terms of weakness, but Blair was much better at being human and having a modicum of charm. Obama was a law professor and he got used to people having to sit there and listen to him drone on and on.
He needs to return to teaching and get his worthless butt out of politics for good.

Anonymous said...

You need a change of pace. I can tell from the anguish you express in your words. You look for answers and cannot find them in the places you expect them to be. Maybe it is because you are looking in the wrong places for the answers.

I can also tell that you have never observed any Tea Partiers up close. I'll tell you this, they don't have the horns you seem to think they have. You might want to visit a couple of Tea Parties with an open mind,and without pre-conceived notions. Do not be confrontational, but do ask question. Remember that Platinum was once a waste metal until someone decided to check out its chemical properties objectively.


Karen Zipdrive said...

One might just as easily say I should spend some time with Satan worshippers before I make any final decisions about them.
I don't need to hobnob with teabaggers to know they're deluded, racist, imbecilic clowns.
Comparing teabaggers to platinum is like comparing cow patties with diamonds.
Give it a rest, dearie.

Anonymous said...

You did say that "Anyone would do a better job than that clown.", right? If you meant it, then you should be open to alternatives, right? Just how much more "Bad Luck" and Unemployment do you want to put up with?

It is not a good time for you to burn bridges behind yourself. Put some feelers out for your own good. I do understand why you don't want to appear too willing to go Tea Party; however, my offer still stands, desppite your (probably feigned) protestations.

Anonymous said...

Karen sorry to jump in, but in my opinion S. Palin was fit for the job but jalous woman's just keep her down, dam I love S Palin, to bad we are both maried...LOL
Christian Vincent