Friday, January 26, 2007

Anne Heche & Husband Divorcing

After nearly five years and a son named Homer, crazy demi-lesbian Anne Heche and her husband Coley Laffoon (who stepped on my foot at an Ellen DeGeneres concert) are divorcing.
She's now schtupping her "Men in Trees" co-star, actor James Tupper.
Of the divorce, Heche said in her native language Celestia, "Ooma pooma poohbah boombah."


nobody's fool said...

Why can't she just go away? She's about as significant as Cato Kalin. And just as annoying.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Kato Kalin's likability quotient far exceeds that crazy bitch.

BigSis said...

Having cringed a few times myself seeing certain crazy ex-s in public, I can only imagine how Ellen must shiver inside when she sees the mistake of her life on tv.