Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bush and His State of the Unction Address

What can I say?
Bush always says whatever he wants without any thought of accountability, and last night was no different.
Even his opening praise of Nancy Pelosi was diminished by his immediate reference to the "Democrat party," which any fool knows by now is the Republicans' sophomoric way of dissing the Democrats.
Granted, last night Bush didn't sound quite as stupid as he usually does, that is, he seemed to manage to pronounce all the words fairly well, yet his words remained vapid and hollow.
Sure, he took a somewhat conciliatory tone- he was outgunned- he had to.

For more than six years, I have tried to tell people who read this blog that Bush is a dangerously mean-spirited lout without a sufficient IQ to successfully perform even slightly challenging intellectual or moral tasks.
Now nearly three-quarters of Americans think the same.

The fact is, I don't care what he does or says anymore.
His fate is sealed. He's proven beyond a doubt that he was wholly unsuited for the job of governing, and he deserves the legacy of shame, failure and contempt that he has so carelessly cultivated.
If he were an insightful man, he'd likely feel so guilty he'd kill himself for the litany of moral and fiscal wrongs he's perpetrated against America.
But he's not.
Like O.J. Simpson, he'll retire to a life of golf, corn-ball quips and unrepentant evil and clownishness.
He's an imbecile with family money.
He's a nowhere I said all along.


Lulu Maude said...

Like the comparison with OJ.

Well done.

nobody's fool said...

Yes. OJ and Bush are perfect examples of sociopaths.

Did you notice though, that this time, there weren't any values voters' favorite whipping boys mentioned? No same sex marriage, etc. Looks like he's finally admitting that he'd been using those right-wing fundie loons all along.

bugm3n07 said...

My favorite part of the speech was when Bush recognized the NY subway savior guy. This guy, let's call him Lester, stands up to acknowledge the applause, just like Dikembe and the Baby Einstein lady did. But then Lester starts patting his chest while simultaneously pointing at people throughout the chamber, and I'm like "Is he giving shout-outs? Does he actually know anybody in there?" Ah, levity all to brief.

But the real hero was Jim Webb who gave the Democrat's response. I was over the moon when he beat that racist George Allen, and now I see he's not backing away from the man he was on the stump. His measured, unwishy-washy speech was so much of what the Democrats have been missing.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Good points, you guys!
What I left out of my post was that, after he leaves office, Bush might likely say, "I will continue to hunt for bin Laden, the REAL murderer of 9/11."

Karen Zipdrive said...

...and I too love Jim Webb.

BigSis said...

Bush has now publicy announced that whatever he does re the war is okay but unfortunately it'll take the American public 50 years to finally understand and appreciate his brilliance. And like a self righteous suicide bomber he says "I'll be dead by then."

I'm waiting for him to declare that when he dies he'll be granted 72 virgins.