Saturday, July 20, 2002

$395! Why that's 633 Canadian Loonies!

So far I have gathered pledges totaling $395 for the Blogathon and gained 27 sponsors.
For a cranky curmudgeon, I am thrilled and want to thank everyone again for their support.
Next Saturday at 8 a.m. central, I'll start blathering twice an hour until Sunday at 8 a.m.
I imagine by 4 a.m. I'll be writing blogs like "Cheese is Good" and "Favorite shoes I used to have."
I used to journal by hand in fancy little books. Recently I gathered up a few and read some passages, only to cringe in embarrassment by my apparent lack of insight or any discernible wisdom gained through the decades.
I am going to burn them, lest anyone discover them in my absence and read what a dweeb I've been over countless nutty relationships.
Honestly, they are like something on Lifetime For Women, only with a lesbian slant.

Being recently single and on vacation from women until I get Lefty the lumpy breast sorted out, I have been trying to balance my yin with my yang.
I've been reading some classic John Steinbeck lately because all these lesbian historical novels I've been reading are starting to make me think funny and use sissy words like, "perchance."
I just finished "Affinity," and it was so dreadful I think I am staying off lesbian lit for a while.
Three quarters into the book, I found myself asking aloud, "Are you gonna fuck her or what?" The ham-handed, quasi-sexual suspense was worse than watching the world's most tedious lesbian movie, "Desert Hearts."
So now I am reading about drifters and bums who drink river water and sleep outside and don't do much but drink cheap wine and daydream.

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