Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Is This Weird?

I am a yenta.
I fix people up all the time and I'm pretty good at it.
I seem to be very skilled at putting two people together and being on target, unless I am one of them, then my skills are for shit.
I have this good friend in real life named Larry. He's straight, witty, charming, very handsome, and an aikido master who makes his living off a program he created to teach educators how to teach non violent solutions to angry, aggressive school kids.
He's single but picky, and I have yet to find a woman good enough for him, and if I did he would be reluctant to investigate.

Here's the weird part.

I think he and Mike over at Spacemonk would be soulmates.
Two peas in a purely heterosexual pod.
A buddy movie without guns, car chases or 'pussy' comments.

So my quandary is this. Should I try to fix them up?
Isn't this an amusing dilemma?
Your comments?

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