Sunday, July 28, 2002

New Magazine Ideas

With so many specialty magazines on the stands, I figured I'd come up with a few even more specific ones.

• Sandwich!
For the sandwich gourmet in you, new recipes and innovations in the art of sandwich making. Color photos, contests, my favorite sandwich reader's forum.

• Pencil Lovers
A colorful and informative magazine devoted to pencil connoisseurs. News for collectors, latest innovations, consumer rating, pencil of the month, celebrity pencil lovers interviews, more.

• Cream
A compendium of body creams, hand lotions, body oils, moisturizers, tips on creams, consumer surveys, new creams, cream of the month.

• Tripod Pups
The ultimate magazine for owners and friends of three legged dogs. True stories, photos, prosthetic reviews, contests. Fun for the whole doggone family!

• Scar Monthly
Readers who have scars, love a scarred one or otherwise need a comprehensive guide to scars will love this new magazine. Features a scar of the month photo contest, poetry, testimonials and special scar-to-scar dating service.

• GooGoo
A special magazine for adults into the fascinating infantilism scene. See sexy adult baby photos, hot new diapering styles, sources for large pacifiers, rattles and big baby clothes. Baby of the Month features, formula recipes, adult baby stories and much more.

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