Sunday, July 28, 2002

Thru Wind and Rain and...whatever

I am still holding it together after blogging, or trying to blog, or talking to techs or rebuilding this and throwing out this and rebooting here and, well, I have been within a foot of my computer for 18 hours now.
I feel really awful about not being able to do the dog and pony show I'd planned, but I am still here and when my computer crashes in another 15 minutes, I'll tinker with it and try to get back online as soon as I can.
I signed on for 48 blogs and I'll do 48, no matter how long it takes.
So if you're still up, stop in and leave a comment.
And if you pledged money, feel no obligation to send it in. We made a deal and the terms of the deal went bad. Damn it.

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