Saturday, July 20, 2002

An Ordinary Saturday

It's hot and dry outside.
I was watching A&E crime shows and started hankering for a Parrot Ice, which is sort of a fancy Icee, with better flavorings and more icy goodness.
So I crawled into my car, which was hot enough inside to fire pottery, and went in search of a Parrot Ice. I was hoping for a Jamaica me Crazy flavor just because the name is so cool, but any flavor would have been fine.
The first convenience store had an Icee machine and that just wasn't going to cut it.
The second one had a Parrot Ice machine, but it was not in service.
It was just too hot to continue my search.
Dejected, I decided on a whim to cross the street and go to the KFC to try their much touted popcorn chicken. I had very low expectations.
I ordered a small one and the package was very cute, like a tiny movie popcorn box.
It didn't seem like it would hold many chunks, but it was surprisingly full.
I got home, opened it, and I am astounded to say they were really good. I think it'd be great to shlep a bigger box to a party when they expect you to bring something.
In another consumer report, seedless watermelons do exist, and one I recently bought turned out really sweet and indeed seedless.
One more thing. The other day I bought some fabulous Ranier cherries for only $2.99 a pound. So cheap was the cost, I bought 2.56 pounds. The criminal checkout boy charged me $4.50 a pound and I was home by the time I discovered the crime.
So I went back and got a $3.84 refund.
The moral:
Parrot Ice: hard to find, but good
KFC popcorn chicken: good
Seedless watermelon: good

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