Sunday, July 28, 2002

My Las Vegas Drinking Guide

I am not a daily drinker. Not even a weekly drinker.
I do drink on occasion, and when I do I can hold my liquor pretty damn well.
In Las Vegas they give you free drinks while you gamble so they can get you fucked up and all stupid with your money.
I used to not drink anything but Cokes while I was playing slots, but in March when I was last there I did drink, it loosened me up and I won a shitload of money for the first time.
So this trip I am thinking drinks will be a part of my superstitious, hoodoo, OCD, nutty as a squirrel in a Baggy, ridiculous gambling rituals.
But one must carefully calibrate drinking options before they land in Vegas.
Since I hate to step away from the casino to eat, this means lots of juice and cream based drinks. Since I hate to get sleepy and go to bed, this means lots of coffee and Frangelica or coffee and Bailey's. Add Coca-Cola based drinks as fillers.
I won $1,000 at Binion's Horseshoe, based on a formula of three rum and Cokes, a Jack and Coke, and a bottle of water.
On another night when I was too fried to risk gambling dollars, I won $200 in nickels, based solely on drinking brandy alexanders all night long.
Mornings call for bloody marys and screwdrivers.
Afternoons call for vodka with clear, not too sweet mixers.
Night time is the right time for dark liquors, liqueurs and coffee drinks.
Gin, I love, but I don't do much in Vegas because the buzz is too heavy.
Same with tequila.
Wine and beer, forget about it. I am not drinking cheap casino wine, and beer causes too much pee-time, risking having to leave a hot machine.
If anyone has any other Vegas drinking tips, let me know. I'm all eyes.

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