Friday, July 19, 2002

Mystikal Bastard

A few weeks ago I posted about a rapper I saw on the Chris Rock show named Mystikal.
I bitched about how extraordinarily lewd he was and how his presence marred an otherwise entertaining show. This guy's act was beyond disgusting.
Now it seems Mystical and two buddies were arrested yesterday for extortion and gang rape of a young woman at Mystikal's Baton Rouge home.
They told the girl if she didn't submit to their sexual demands, Mystikal would tell the police she stole checks from his bank account without his permission. They also threatened her with great bodily harm as the three took turns assaulting her.
If convicted, Mystikal faces mandatory life in prison for the rape and another 10 or 15 years tacked on for extortion.
Seems to me like a big rap star like Mystikal wouldn't have to extort and threaten anyone to have sex with him. Looks like he just enjoys taking what he wants by whatever means possible.
Rapists are unpopular in prison, even rapping rapists. I hope he gets to find out just how unpopular.

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