Saturday, July 20, 2002

Legally Entitled to Lap Dance Access?

"A quadriplegic sued a Florida strip club because he could not get his wheelchair into its lap-dancing room, his lawyer said.
"Edward Law of Orlando sued the Wildside Adult Sports Cabaret last month, claiming the club violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by excluding him from restrooms, the bar area and the private rooms where dancers offer more-intimate entertainment.
"Law, who filed a separate suit against another Palm Beach club on similar claims, alleged the Wildside's lap-dancing room, separate from the main showroom at the club, was accessible only by a short flight of stairs."

Okay now. If this dirty old man is in a wheelchair, what kind of stripper is gonna be able to straddle the wheelchair arms and give him a lap dance?
And if he's a quadriplegic, is he working? If not, where's he getting the money to afford strip clubs and lap dances?
And no bathroom access? Don't most quads use a catheter? Otherwise, who unzips them and holds their penis while they pee?
Someone needs to release the brake on this chump's chair and roll him off a pier. The Justice system has enough real cases to handle.

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