Saturday, July 27, 2002

Welcome to My So-called Life

It's been three weeks since my last blog, but that's because I have either been too busy or not busy enough to have anything new to blog about.
Nothing much is new with me. Let me think...
Oh, I am now anchoring the news and I Clepped out of undergraduate school, so I am now a teaching assistant at Salisbury Steak University, and enrolled in a Master's program for a degree in Women's Obscure Translated Feminist Literature.
Kelly and I are doing fine except she's in Wyoming right now, donating part of her liver to this guy who has a brother whose second cousin once tuned her uncle's car.
In my spare time, I am helping out with tour publicity for this lesbian musical group called The Indigo Girls. There's a really cute one in the band named Amy who has flirted with me several times, but I have Kelly and that wouldn't be right.
Otherwise I am taking it easy this summer. Yay for me!
I have decided to break my engagement with Suzy, but Karen and I don't want anyone to think it's about us. Yay!

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