Friday, July 26, 2002

She May Be Crazy but Damn, She's Got Clout

Tracy, over at Time for Your Meds is in the wrong vocation.
She should have been a high class pimp, otherwise known as a publicist.
One mention of my Blogathon thing tomorrow on her site, and my Sitemeter is jacked up like a rooster on methamphetamines.
I have to go to a dinner party tonight, but I am so amped up about tomorrow I am going to wolf down my dinner, gulp my wine, and cheese it the hell out of there the moment my dessert spoon hits the bottom of the bowl.
I want to be in rare bloggy form for tomorrow morning.
At my age, I can always leave early by claiming some onset of an elderly health condition like acid reflux or even extreme fatigue. My dinner companions are all runners with resting pulse rates of 40, so they won't know from geezer hyperbole.
Anyway, hats off to my friend Tracy for getting the word out about tomorrow.
I promise at least a few right-between-the-eyes blogs.

Oh, and there's still time to cough up a pledge. Even one dollar will matter, and I promise not to expose anyone for being hyper frugal.

See y'all tomorrow, I hope.

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