Thursday, July 18, 2002

Soon, Very Soon, My Pretties

After a week or two of having a very slow and remarkably cruddy comments box, I am thrilled to say my sincere apologies to BlogBack have been accepted and I have been given permission to use that service again.
As a public service to those of you fortunate enough to have BlogBack, here are their ground rules:

* BlogBack must only be used on (multiple) weblog posts, or similar content.
* BlogBack must not be used as a substitute chatroom or guestbook.
* If your installation has not been used in the past four months, your account
will expire.
* You must only use the single BlogID assigned to your weblog. Any multiple
installations are flagged, investigated and usually removed.
* The service can be pulled at any time without prior notice.

In Texas we say, "You never miss your water till your well runs dry."
All I can say is that adage applies here.

My Blog Guru Grey Bird tells me she'll make the switch tonight.
Thanks go out to her, as always. And thanks especially to Marcus at BlogBack.

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