Monday, July 29, 2002

Monday Afternoon

Thank God I am between assignments right now, because I seriously think my brain software needs to be reinstalled.
I think some industrious charity should organize a Sleepathon that starts immediately after Blogathon. But, anyway...
Today's question is this.
Why do all convenience stores owned by Pakistani and East Indian people smell like the same 49¢ rose scented incense? You never see them burning incense, but the smell is so intense it's enough to knock you back as you enter.
Over on Barcodie's blog, he's got a link to some truck driver's site who gives his Rules of the Road.
Interesting facts behind his rules, however I can condense my rules of driving near 18-wheelers on the road. Simply pass them as quickly as you can and stay as far away as you can from them, as much as you can.
I just consider all 18-wheelers to be 50,000 pound moving dynamite bunkers, driven by manic people, high on crank and listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd full blast.
But then I am in Texas, so it could be Garth Brooks or George Strait they are listening to full blast.

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