Saturday, July 27, 2002

Early Reflections on Blogging Twice an Hour

This sounded like an easy concept. It is not.
Being prepared in advance with several blogs, I presumed I'd just stick one in every half hour or so while I noodled around online. Not the case.
I try to post and BlogSpot has kicked me completely off-line 60% of the time.
Then AOL decided to get in the act by kicking me off whenever I tried to access BlogSpot.
Meanwhile, James the 40-pound puma keeps jumping on my back and scaring the living shit out of me.
I am 3 hours into this and already:
My hair has turned white
I have a tic in my right eye
I have a full-blown case of TMJ now
I have coffee jitters
I am feeling a little cranky and out of sorts.
I think I'll go fondle my Vegas tickets. That'll cheer me up.

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