Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Drain Bramage

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday.
Why, I don't know, maybe it's because I finally finished a long and tedious project through the weekend, finishing yesterday, and I am finally off today.
Or maybe I am going senile.
To celebrate my happy test results yesterday, my sister offered to take me to any restaurant I wanted next Saturday. I jokingly chose Ruth's Chris steak house, a fabulously expensive restaurant, and to my amazement she quickly agreed.
Then I remembered Blogathon this weekend and had to cancel. Errrr.
I checked the rules. I don't have to blog every half hour, I just have to blog twice every hour.
So that means I can blog two in a row, then catnap or shower or eat or exercise to stay awake. I'll be fine all night, but it's that 3-5 p.m. stretch that worries me. My IQ drops about 40 points in the hot afternoon. Expect some very short, crappy blogs during those hours. Maybe I should go buy an espresso machine.
In other bloggy news, I now have 27 sponsors and $395 in pledges. There is still time to chip in if anyone wants, but I have done all the hard selling I intend to do.
Just picture those sickly infants in Somalia, for whom a doctor's visit could mean life or death. Okay, I am pandering. It's a curse, so sue me.

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