Saturday, July 27, 2002

Queer Poem Society

After a nice afternoon, trampling around a tree-lined park with my dogs Porky and Beans, I came home and decided to clean my house, which resulted in me sitting in the middle of my 10,000 book library and deciding to eliminate one of my copies of "The Siddhartha Poolside Companion" and three of my extra copies of, "Daughters of a Coral Dawn." After I finished I drove to my whirling dervish lessons and whirled for about 28 minutes, then decided to have coffee with my mystery companion, who I may or may not be having sex with, but not discussing on my blog either way. I am feeling unsociable lately so I have only gone on three dates this week but we are all going to just remain friends because I want to simplify my life. I am on a woman hiatus, so the four dates I have lined up for this weekend will probably result in us becoming just friends, but we can use all the friends we can get, so even though I am in total isolation it's good to get out and meet people, just in case I decide to be sociable again one day. If I do decide to become social again I hope I don't meet any pedophiles or other child abusers along the way because the Buddhist in me is against the death penalty but the feminist in me wants to separate the abuser from his abuse tool (I wish not to attract porno hits or sex freaks so I must remain generic in using "that type" of terminology) so I suppose I am on the horns of a dilemma yet my spiritual leanings encourage me to watch and observe, and as the late Zen master Shunryu Suzuki asked in his new, posthumously published book, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? The matter is not the woodchuck, nor the wood, nor the chucking, rather it is the being in the woodchuck moment to comtemplate the chucking, like chopping wood and carrying water, and discovering the True Oneness in the symplicity of that." While I agree with the Zen master in principle, I am sure he never saw WNBA cheater and showboater Lisa Leslie, lest he would take a piece of newly chucked wood and chuck her upside the head with it. This I would not enjoy watching as a Buddhist, but from a WNBA perspective there does exist a certain cleansing harmony in visualizing the action. I have to go now, someone I do not wish to identify is here for dinner and possibly more, but again that is not a topic I will be shharing within blog land. Besides, I am on women hiatus so this probably will not result in any type of activity I'll eventually refuse to discuss.

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