Friday, July 19, 2002

Once Again, I Loot From Spacemonk:

Which band/musical performer:

Would you get to play your birthday party, if you could:
Parliament, with Bootsy Collins
or Eurythmics

Did you have a crush on:
Annie Lennox (still do)

Do you think, personality-wise, you'd fit in with:
Indigo Dykes, Joan Armatrading

Should you skip the records and see live?
Bobby Mc Ferrin

Should you skip the show and buy the records?
Eric Clapton

Has aged the most gracefully?
Robert Palmer

Has aged least gracefully?
Keith Richards, bar none.

Do you wish you would have seen?
Beatles, Dusty Springfield

Do you wish would reunite?
Eurythmics, Steely Dan

Do you think should have made it big, but didn't?
KiKi Dee, Joan Armatrading

Will everyone be talking about in a year?
No idea.

Dresses the best?
Robert Palmer, David Bowie

Is great, but get too much praise?
Mariah Carey

Is most unjustly ignored?
Dusty Springfield, Joan Armatrading

Would you travel furthest to see?
Annie Lennox

Have you seen the most times?
Tina Turner

Do you have the most recordings of?
Bobby McFerrin, Annie Lennox, Funk artists, opera

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