Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Blogathon Preps

I went to the grocery store this evening to lay in supplies for this Saturday's Blogathon.
I won't have time to cook, so I had the extreme pleasure of loading up on nothing but snacky things like fruits, energy bars, tiny ice cream sandwiches and more Ranier cherries.
I also threw in some Oreos, a little pack of peanut M&M's, two half gallons of Gatorade, some Jarlsberg cheese, Carr's Table Water Crackers, a box of Basic 4 cereal, a gallon of 1% milk and a 24-case of 16 oz. spring water.
I think this Blogathon will be more like a Blobathon after I gain 10 pounds sitting on my ass blogging and snacking.
I am obsessed, I'll admit it.
The challenge of writing coherently for 24 hours straight is very exciting. I mean, after 16 hours I could start sounding like Hoopty! (no offense, Hoopt).
So far I have picked up 400 bucks in pledges and 29 sponsors. That means for every blog I write, $8.33 will go to Doctors Without Borders, with no middlemen sticking their paws in the basket.
TECHFLUID has a cool Blogathon sponsorship button on her blog- I encourage you generous contributors to post one on yours.

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