Saturday, July 27, 2002

The Gay Bird Talks

Whew, I am exhausted from this week.
I had to study for five certification exams I have on Monday, including the Connecticular mainframe master encoding proximal/coaxial binary index genius of the world exam, the reverse vaporized file encoding VPN ISA technical proficiency exam, the CIW AssessPREP licensing exam, the object oriented analysis and data base application and internetworking Prometric VUE ascii jpg orgasmatron assessment exam, and the one I am dreading most, the MCSE 4, MCSE 2000, CNE 4, CNE 5, CCNP, CCIE, LPI Level 2 SAIR Level 2 LCE Ei-Ei-O exam.
My puppy Thilde entered herself in the IAMS smartest and cutest puppy on Earth contest and won, so we will be going to Washington, DC on Saturday morning to pick up her cash prize and trophy.
I am also competing in the Tour de Upstate New York bicycling marathon that afternoon, but I will be wearing my wireless access point, attached to my mobile 4-port DSL router butt pack, so I can design websites for three or four freelance jobs while I pedal for the medal.
On Sunday, Mel and I decided we'd strip the paint off our house to the bare wood so we can repaint it before it gets too dark that night. We might grill after we finish.
I am also learning to speak German at Frau Mueller's Accelerated German Academy for my upcoming vacation. I have managed to learn a little so far, but my future perfect verb tenses are a little confusing.
Then that totally computer inept kiss-up Karen over at Pulp Friction wants another f*cking Blogathon button installed on her site. She's getting worse than Jerry Lewis with this Blogathon obsession. Between that and that damn Lefty of hers, I feel like deleting her entire blogsistence and blocking my e-mail and IMs just to shut her up for a few weeks.

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