Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Lesbian Sex, Love and Dating

I have thought about writing a personal blog about my love life, past, and what little there is in the present. After more than 20 years of active, sometimes rampantly hedonistic lesbianism, I have quite a few stories I could tell.
Anyway, I have considered it but then I recall some of the appalling web search topics that have led perverts to my blog, and I had to nix the idea.
I don't want some dimwit jacking off to anything I have done, would like to do, or will do with another woman.
Besides that, I have no short term memory to speak of, and there's no telling to whom I've given this blog address, and I don't want half of people I actually know in San Antonio knowing my bidness.
A guy named wKen has an interesting blog where he often goes into explicit detail about his plentiful sex life.
I read it, and I am conflicted by the eroticism vs. the blatancy of his musings.
I admire his candor and his word prowess, but sometimes I want to lecture him like an old biddy for being such a sexhound, but I never would because it's really none of my bidness.
I just hope he's using safe sex because he seems like a very nice guy.
So, I am sorry I can't allow myself to be wKaren and regale you with amusing sexual romps, but during Blogathon I might get bored and tell about being caught naked with my lover, at midnight on a golf course, by a herd of rampaging, honking, angry guard geese.

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