Sunday, July 28, 2002

Six Thirty

I am literally hallucinating, visually and audibly.
I forget whether I have my glasses on or off.
I turned off the TV and thought it was still on. I had to turn it back on because I was hearing it anyway.
I have spent the night making up for lost time, and I know there are more than 50 blogs altogether.
I had Grey Bird's help in posting eight really long blogs during the wee hours. Thanks, GB.
Turns out Blogger doesn't usually boot me unless I try to publish a big one.
That explains all the itty bitty, last minute posts about Martha Stewart and Big Betty's sausage dinner by moonlight.
I was going to take it further, but I am too damn tired to write, or even care, about lesbo prison sex.
I started this adventure at 7a.m. yesterday. I have 30 minutes to go.
Though I was unable to follow the blog-twice-an-hour rule, I read that the Blogathon people allow for crashes, dicey isps, downtime for repairs and other problems like the ones I had all damn day and night.

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