Sunday, July 28, 2002

JadedJillyJu: Delectable but Dead Tired

Oy. After working a 23 hour day, MotherJu called, wanting to chat.

JadedJillyJu: Hello?
MotherJu: So, when are you coming to see me?
JadedJillyJu: Mother, I am working 90-hour weeks.
MotherJu: How can you give me a grandchild, with those hours?
JadedJillyJu: Grandchild? I'm a lesbian, remember?
MotherJu: With hours like that, who has time to be a lesbian?
JadedJillyJu: Sigh...
MotherJu: What, with a degree from UMASS, which I might remind you wasn't free, and all you have is a sigh?
JadedJillyJu: So... how is Cousin B.Ju?
MotherJu: I am sure her old timer's disease is still flaring up. Last I saw her, she didn't know me from Oprah. Like talking to a wall, she was.
JadedJillyJu: ::chuckling::
MotherJu: Oh sure, you laugh like this is a joke? Here's a joke, I feel awful! I see 20 doctors a week, and they just pat me and send me on my way. But I think you'd like Dr. Glickman...
JadedJillyJu: Oh? What's she like?
MotherJu: She? His name is Jerome Glickman, but he's a sensitive boy, almost womanish. You might try to be as open minded as you say you are.
JadedJillyJu: I am open minded but I am a lesbian. Remember?
MotherJu: Dr. Glickman is very fey.
JadedJillyJu: Oh really? Hmm. What's his specialty?
MotherJu: Proctology.
JadedJillyJu: Uh oh, I see smoke coming from my kitchen, gotta go, love you, mwaaa!
MotherJu: Nine months of pregnancy and 70 hours of horrible labor pains for this?
MotherJu: Hello? Hello? Oy vey, what a nerve.

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