Saturday, July 27, 2002

Afternoon Report!

Now that my horrid technical problems have been sorted out (knock wood), things are moving along pretty smoothly.
I find comments very encouraging and rejuvenating, so by all means, lurkers and introverts, you are welcome to add some input.
Okay, enough with the gentility.
Where the fuck is Tracy?
As my pimp, I expect her to be draggin' in some ho's for me to holler at.
I am approaching the dreaded nap zone (3-5) where I begin to lose steam, so someone please steam me up, so to speak.
And where are those damn boys?
I have a killer Barcodie parody I've been rat-holing all day.
This evening after sundown, I'll be posting some different kinds of stuff, some autobiographical, some just filler and crappy gibberish, you know, the usual stuff.
Tracy's parody, like all starring acts, will be later on tonight.
If I do hers too soon she'll leave.
Wait, she's already left. Bitch has the attention span of a two-week old Cocker Spaniel.
And it wouldn't kill Grey Bird to fly in and stick her beak in my comments box, either.

Now, I leave you with this inspirational poem:
Yeah, right!

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