Saturday, July 20, 2002

Kelly Haiku

Kelly over at Welcome to My Life won the grand prize in my ludicrous, BlogBack-busting 10,000 hits sweepstakes, and here is her dozen haiku portion of the prize...

Young morsel Kelly
Matriculating so hard
Still has time for boinks

At age twenty-two
Filled with hope, expectations
We shant tell her, hmm?

College kids today
Don't smoke pot like we did then
They like ecstacy

She works for TV
For a local news outlet
Mary Tyler Moore!

She will learn, one day
That broadcast newscasts
Steal from printed news

Kelly, with firm skin
And with bright, facile brain cells
Get it while you can!

When Kelly was born
I signed my first home mortgage
I hate perspective.

Kelly likes her profs
One, she liked a bit too much
Way to go, kiddo!

I call her cupcake
Cute, sweet, very tempting but
Could cause heart attacks!

Queer Poet loves her
Kelly's girlfriend loves her too
She's a bee charmer

Kelly's girl Kelly
She's a cute young woman, too
But she's no Kelly

If I was younger
There would be big, big trouble
For other Kelly!

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