Saturday, July 27, 2002

Open 24 Hours

When I was little, my family either lived in Texas or California. Twice a year, winter and summer, we drove to whichever place we didn't live for our vacation.
My Dad is/was a compulsive, competitive type, so it was a must that we covered the 1,500 mile trip in 24 hours or less. That's flying, baby.
That meant stopping only for gas/bathroom trips, very quick meals, and when the driver (usually my Dad) got too bleary eyed to drive, pie and coffee at roadside diners.
Somehow I was deputized to keep Daddy awake all night while my mother and big sister snored away, so I got in on a lot of middle of the night pie.
As I grew older, I got extra incentives like getting to drive and smoke cigarettes while I was driving to "stay awake."
Blogging for 24 hours reminds me of the vacation marathons of my childhood, so when I first read about it I figured it would be a variation on that same theme.
I can't eat pie every 4 hours anymore, but there are other things I can substitute.
I can flirt.
I can bitch about Bush.
I can make a million survey lists.
And the best part is, if I fall asleep, there won't be a horrible car wreck.

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