Sunday, July 28, 2002

Melly: Ordinary Moaning

Right. Yeah. So I met up with Jess and Toad and we went to this deli and had some kind of radiated fruit cup, then I saw this guy's bulge and almost had to cup it in my hand but I had to run really fast backwards to buy an aluminum hat.
I had bearclaws in my nipples and saw this thing with chrome and electrodes and shit but this naked chick was leaning on it so I went and humped her thigh then I laughed because she said hey I like your aluminum hat, is that like, a colander?
I'm straight but I can be bent.
I took some pictures of that thing and it was like a flower but with a tangerine sky.
So I got really wet and juicy, and put on tight jeans and a crop top and some glossy lipstick and made pancakes and ate them on the porch while the sky turned hazelnut and that guy said he wouldn't do what he said he might do, only maybe next week.
And I got one hand in my pocket and the other one is doing a ballet.

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