Friday, January 05, 2007

Stoned, Delusional William Rehnquist

Have you noticed lately that the more conservative a clergyman, politician, judge or commentator is, the more likely he is to be either a man-boy pedophile, a sexual harasser or a drug addict?
Revelations that "Justice" Rehnquist was addicted to a zombie-making RX medication should come as no surprise- like Rush Limbaugh, people make ridiculous statements and pass outrageous judgments when they are stoned out of their heads.
The Supreme Court had to rely on Rehnquist to be the swing vote in at least a few major cases. After all, he was on the bench for 30 years.
I wonder if anyone will hire a lawyer to appeal a tie breaker case that Dopey Willy ruled on during his dope addict days?
Let me know if you hear of anyone doing that, I'll chip in for legal fees.


BigSis said...

He always looked to me like he'd be comfy in a nice house dress and an Aunt Bee type of hat. They haven't mentioned it but you wait and see, he had to have been a cross dresser.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Only when he was high.