Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Kelli Goff/HuffPo

Ten Things Michelle Obama Wants to Say to Sarah Palin

1. For once I agree with Barbara Bush.

2. At least I know the difference between North and South Korea.

3. If Katie Couric had asked me I could name plenty of publications that I read on a regular basis because reading is something you get used to doing in law school.

4. When I said I was proud of my country for supporting my husband, what I really meant is I was proud Americans were smart enough to support him over the other guys (and gals, hint, hint...)

5. Some people shoot harmless animals. I adopt them.

6. When you accused me of not trusting parents to do a good job raising their own children, you were only partially right. I trust most parents, but some could use a little help because their kids are out of control; you know calling people offensive slurs and whatnot. Not like my well-mannered girls.

7. While I realize a strong, attractive black woman defeated you for the Miss Alaska crown (which must have really stung since there are like 5 of us in the whole state) you shouldn't let that leave you with a chip on your shoulder about all of us strong, attractive black women.

8. Not that I'm judging, but Sasha and Malia will appear on "Dancing with the Stars" the day my husband goes ice-skating in hell with...well you.

9. Some people appear on reality tv, while some of us appear on the cover of VOGUE.

10. Please run for president. I'd really like to live in the White House another four years.


nonnie9999 said...

11. i'll never have to go camping with kate gosselin to get some face-time on tv.

12. look at my hands--no notes!

Unknown said...

Love it!!!! The half-term gov really is nothing more than a lousy publicity whore.

Jack of All said...

Loved this... Throughout the world, Sarah Palin's lack of intelligence is legendary.

'Please run for president. I'd really like to live in the White House for another four years.' Just lol